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The Helix Story

Helix is a unique development company that values people above all. We celebrate honesty, kindness, and selflessness, and we don't just talk about our core values - we live them out each day.

We work hard to ensure successful projects, but don't lose our humanity along the way. We value our clients, our lenders, our partners and our future residents so much that we work diligently to re-write the story of housing in Indiana and beyond.

The Helix story began in property management. Our founder, Ethan Fernhaber, began Renewing Management in 2003 by taking out a $20,000 home equity line of credit to purchase a double-wide trailer and turning it into a rental property. Today the portfolio includes 30 apartment communities with 4,200+ rental apartments all around the state of Indiana. Ethan eventually accomplished his monetary goals only to find it a deceptive mirage. Thankfully, God changed his heart and his priorities and gave him a new calling: to restore hope.

Helix Core Values

In 2019 several leaders in the real estate sector began dreaming about how to create more housing in Indiana and beyond. They researched modular construction - completing multiple construction processes simultaneously inside a factory to accelerate the time-table of construction - to reimagine development. When Volumod was begun in 2021, the vision included employing those coming out of incarceration or addiction. Today Volumod is impacting the Far Eastside of Indianapolis, but also revolutionizing the way Midwest developers imagine the development process.

What makes us different?



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  • Initial Project Consultation

  • Zoning & Utility Recommendations

  • Facilitating Modular Partnership

  • Construction Management

  • Logistic Direction

  • Transportation & Set Consultation

  • Restoring Hope: We value clients and work to improve lives!

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  • Property Management

  • Accounting & Rent Collection

  • On-site Maintenance 

  • Security & Emergency Management

  • New Tenant Marketing

  • Onsite Tenant Retention Programs

  • Restoring Hope: We value residents and work to improve lives!

2030 Communities


  • Specific Project Consultation

  • Architectural Design Partnerships

  • Assistance with Floorplan & Finishes

  • Coordination with General Contractor

  • Partnerships with Transportation & Set

  • Construction on the Factory Floor

  • Restoring Hope: We value people and work to improve lives!

Renewing Management Apartments
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